Why use Google Suite for Enterprise to enhance workplace productivity?

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Google Suite is a collaboration platform which provides you with a complete communication and productivity solution. G Suite gives you a set of innovative tools to increase the productivity of your business from any place, device and at anytime so that your work does not stop. You don’t have to run or maintain any software - just the browser. It’s easy to setup and manage. It works great on almost any computer, tablet or phone and the service is continuously updated. Your data is always stored with world-class security.

Top 5 reasons why you should use Google Suite to enhance workplace productivity:

1. Google brings innovation and scale to your company:

With G Suite, you get an integrated messaging and collaboration solution for your entire company. There is no other competing product that gives you the ease-of-use and range of capabilities - from email to docs to video chat, real-time collaboration. It scales to your needs easily. Companies often prefer G Suite because the collaboration tools become a catalyst for innovation within a company.

2. Greatly reduce your IT Cost:

With easy licensing at just $5 per user per month, there is no need to manage hardware or to purchase resources, and it requires far less administration and technical expertise to run when compared to an on-premise system.

3. Eliminate file management collaboration headaches:

Real-time collaboration in a shared document, spreadsheet, or presentation makes your teams much more productive. It eliminates the time wasted emailing attachments or finding the latest version to work on - it ensures everyone is “on the same page.” Collaboration in G Suite means you get better business results because your employees communicate more effectively and quickly.

4. Keep connected: work any time, any place, on any device, securely:

You can use G Suite on practically any device — making your workforce more productive by keeping your business moving around the clock.

5. Set the stage for an organizational transformation by Going Google:

The G Suite solution can catalyze organizational transformation, fundamentally changing and improving how your teams collaborate, communicate, and stay connected.

When a company buys and sets up the hardware and software necessary to run messaging, collaboration and mobility on internal systems, we call this on-premise. The main benefits of G Suite compared to on-premise systems are:

1. It’s less work, since they don’t have to: a) buy and setup servers and user’s computers and cellphones and b) Install and patch software, such as Microsoft® Office and Exchange.

2. Competitive advantages such as quicker and more profitable organization-wide decision-making resulting from organizational transformations

3. Constant innovation and product updates made automatically each month — Google adds hundreds productivity-enhancing features every year

4. World-class uptime: >99.9% uptime service-level agreement and no planned downtime.

With over 450 million consumer users, you can be assured many members of your organization are already using G Suite in their personal lives which reduces the resistance of changing to a platform which does things in a better way, less time and higher scalability and security.

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