Why is Google corporate's culture so special and different from that of other companies?

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Google company presents itself as an "unconventional company". You can read this statement on every corporate page and on every job offer. But why Google insists on the fact it is a company which behaves differently from others? To answer this question, it is enough to take a look at the corporate pages or, if you can, to visit a Google headquarter. If you go to a Google office you will see how much it is different from offices of other companies and how much Google corporate's culture is not the same of other enterprises. There are no serious locations and every place is rich of colors and of funny objects. There are no dress codes, you will not find serious employees obeying to severe rules: every employee, at Google, is free to express his personality, just because this innovative company believes in practical things, not in conventional ones. Because a good and successful company is not necessarily made of serious employees and gray and boring locations... it is not the appearance to make the company successful, but how it is able to release new products and ideas. In fact Google is one of the biggest companies in the world and its products are used by millions of people everywhere and every day.

Google has completely changed our lives, and it achieved this without particular rules or severe codes. When you are going to work at Google you will not be examined for how are you dressing or for your personality: you will be examined only for your talent, your creativity and for your real attitude to change the world by providing high quality products to the users, and by putting all your efforts to make Internet a better place. If you have all these requirements, you can work at Google, and you will stay in an office with umbrellas, toys, colors, funny pics and a very friendly environment: you will be part of this special Google corporate's culture and you will simply enjoying working: no stress, no directors shouting at you: you will not work "only for money" anymore.

The classic relationship between directors and employees is simply not followed at Gogle in the normal days: at Google everyone is considered equal to other employees: one of examples provided by Google to best explain this concept is that of employees playing sports. If you work at Google and you are having a break and playing sports, you can throw the ball to the director and hit him freely, just as if you are doing it to an employee of your same experience. You can talk to your director just like he is a friend of yours. No conventions, no rules, no formalities: at Google they know these elements only make the environment less enjoyable, without improving anything. That is the reason why Google is so innovative and is a company different from others. And that is the reason why most people would love to work at Google.

Google is not the only company which behaves like this. Also other companies established in the Silicon Valley follow this "rule of freedom", and in fact you can find similar environments also at Facebook and Apple headquarters. But Google is the first company to have introduced this new attitude to work, and it is still the one which best applies this "unconventionality" to their working environments.

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